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1000 mót common 1000 English vocabularies

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Thứ Bảy, 29/03/2008, 11:06

Học tiếng Anh hoặc vào tù

TPO- Thẩm phán Peter Paul Olszewski Jr tại hạt Luzerne, bang Pennsylvania, Mỹ yêu cầu 3 bị cáo nói tiếng Tây Ban Nha phải học tiếng Anh nếu không muốn tiếp tục ngồi  tù.

Ngồi tù nếu không chịu học tiếng Anh!
3 người đàn ông trên bị buộc tội âm mưu ăn cướp. Theo cảnh sát Pennsylvania, 3 người nói tiếng Tây Ban Nha đã dùng súng đe doạ, lục soát ví và đánh vào đầu của 2 khách qua đường.

Tòa đã đề nghị phạt các bị cáo mức án từ 4 đến 12 tháng tù giam .

Tuy nhiên, thẩm phán Peter Paul Olszewski Jr quyết định sẽ tha bổng lập tức 3 bị cáo với điều kiện tới đây họ phải học đọc và viết tiếng Anh; giành được văn bằng Phát triển giáo dục toàn bộ (GEDs); và kiếm được công việc tử tế.

Trước phiên tòa xét xử đầu tuần qua, khi tự bào chữa, cả 3 bị cáo- Luis Reyes, Ricardo Dominguez và Rafael Guzman-Mateo - đều phải nhờ người phiên dịch.

“Các anh có nghĩ chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp cho các anh một người phiên dịch suốt cuộc đời hay không?”- thẩm phán Paul Olszewski Jr “chân thành” hỏi bị cáo.

Phản ứng về yêu cầu của Tòa, luật sư của Guzman-Mateo phát biểu:” Thân chủ của tôi rất lấy làm sung sướng. Tôi sẽ giúp anh ta học tiếng Anh”

Thẩm phán Olszewski Jr cũng yêu cầu các bị cáo phải quay lại báo cáo “tiến độ học tập” tiếng Anh sau một năm. "Nếu họ không vượt qua bài kiểm tra tiếng Anh, họ sẽ phải ngồi tù 24 tháng” - thẩm phán Olszewski Jr quả quyết.

Tại hạt Luzerne, thẩm phán Olszewski nổi tiếng vì những phán quyết “chả giống ai”. Ông đã từng yêu cầu các thanh niên phạm tội bỏ học giữa chừng phải tiếp tục đến trường học tập. Ông cũng hay giúp các phạm nhân sau khi mãn hạn tù tìm được công việc thông qua các tổ chức giới thiệu việc làm ở địa phương.

Huy Linh
Theo AP

71. last75. other85. new
99. good 132. old 138. great
178. high 183. small 192. different
198. large208. local 222. social
230. long 239. important255. young
256. national276. possible282. big
299. right305. early308. public
313. o­nly321. able322. political
339. particular340. full345. far
356. late367. available370. little
376. low393. bad407. main
426. major429. economic433. general
446. real449. likely458. certain
465. special466. difficult467. international
485. clear499. sure502. black
519. white527. common528. strong
529. whole531. free565. similar
573. necessary577. central582. true
587. open588. short589. personal
593. single600. easy601. private
612. financial613. poor626. foreign
633. human635. simple640. recent
649. wide659. various676. due
680. hard694. royal697. fine
722. natural723. wrong729. final
751. following163. present770. nice
772. trip774. close775. current
776. legal791. red792. happy
794. concerned813. individual820. normal
832. previous836. serious847. significant
849. prime874. industrial886. sorry
894. labor895. left896. dead
898. specific905. total917. appropriate
919. military928. basic932. original
933. successful936. aware953. popular
958. professional970. heavy973. top
982. dark995. ready1000. useful
21. not49. out50. up
58. so63. then68. more
70. now77. just81. also
82. well84. o­nly86. very
95. how97. when98. as
106. even107. there112. down
115. back119. still122. here
124. too127. o­n139. where
142. over153. much158. however
160. again170. never171. all
172. most179. about182. in
186. why188. away194. really
200. off201. always217. next
219. rather226. quite231. right
253. often265. yet266. perhaps
275. already298. least300. almost
304. long309. together323. later
334. less358. both359. o­nce
364. probably366. ever368. no
373. far385. actually390. today
391. enough435. therefore439. around
454. soon468. particularly478. early
492. else505. sometimes506. thus
510. further522. ago533. yesterday
541. usually552. indeed560. certainly
562. home584. simply586. especially
652. better658. either668. clearly
713. instead725. round739. to
778. finalty790. please814. forward
825. quickly834. recently837. anyway
863. suddenly818. generality864. nearly
915. obviously926. though929. hard
934. okay941. exactly942. above
965. maybe
4. and13. that23. but
29. or31. as38. it
67. than67. when96. because
114. so187. while209. where
215. although260. whether269. until
270. though21. since312. alter
314. before822. nor916. unless
960. o­nce
1. the5. a22. this
26. this27. that30. which
33. an39. their41. what
43. all45. her56. some
62. its65. my72. your
74. no79. these83. any
94. such102. our108. many
109. those126. own131. more
144. same150. each159. another
202. next212. most227. both
234. every301. much378. little
416. several460. half521. whose
539. few603. former768. whatever
840. either959. less
InfInitive Marker
7. to
113. yeah128. no157. yes
583. well
35. will36. would37. can
57. could78. should88. may
120. must151. might166. shall
881. used
53. time60. year80. people
89. way101. man104. day
115. thing121. child133. government
135. part137. life140. case
141. woman146. work149. system
155. group156. number161. world
162. area164. course165. company
168. problem173. service176. hand
177. party161. school184. place
190. point191. house193. country
196. week199. member206. end
213. word216. example218. family
220. fact224. state225. percent
235. home236. month231. side
238. night240. eye241. head
242. information243. question244. business
246. power247. money248. change
250. interest251. order252. book
254. development259. room261. water
262. form263. car264. other
266. level271. policy274. council
278. line280. need281. effect
283. use286. idea287. study
288. lot290. job293. result
294. body296. friend297. right
303. authority306. view311. report
315. bit316. face318. market
324. hour325. rate326. law
327. door328. court329. office
331. war333. reason335. minister
336. subject337. person338. term
342. sort348. period352. society
353. process354. mother357. voice
360. police361. kind369. price
371. action372. issue375. position
377. cost379. matter380. community
382. figure383. type384. research
386. education389. few395. program
396. minute397. moment398. girl
399. age400. center402. control
403. value405. health410. decision
412. class413. industry415. back
420. force421. condition423. paper
434. century436. father437. section
438. patient440. activity441. road
442. table444. church448. mind
451. team452. experience453. death
455. act456. sense457. staff
459. student462. language469. department
470. management471. morning475. plan
489. role490. practice491. bank
493. support495. event496. building
497. range503. stage504. meeting
508. town509. art511. club
513. arm514. history515. parent
516. land517. trade520. situation
523. teacher524. record525. manager
526. relation530. field535. window
536. account542. difference543. material
544. air545. wife548. project
550. sale551. relationship553. light
557. care561. rule566. story
567. quality568. tax569. worker
570. nature571. structure572. data
574. pound575. method576. unit
578. bed579. UNI0N580. movement
581. board590. detail591. model
598. wall602. computer604. hospital
605. chapter606. scheme607. theory
610. property614. officer616. charge
617. director621. approach622. chance
623. application628. top629. amount
630. son631. operation634. opportunity
636. leader637. look638. share
639. production641. firm642. picture
643. source644. security648. contract
651. agreement655. site657. labor
661. test663. loss667. color
669. shop670. benefit671. animal
672. heart673. election674. purpose
675. standard677. secretary679. date
681. music682. hair684. factor
687. pattern689. piece692. front
693. evening695. tree696. population
698. plant699. pressure700. response
702. street704. performance705. knowledge
707. design708. page710. individual
712. rest715. basis716. size
717. environment719. fire720. series
721. success726. thought727. list
730. future732. analysis734. space
737. demand738. statement740. attention
741. love742. principle744. set
745. doctor746. choice748. feature
749. couple750. step753. machine
754. income755. training757. association
758. film759. region760. effort
761. player764. award765. village
767. organization769. news771. difficulty
773. cell777. energy779. degree
780. mile781. means782. growth
784. treatment785. sound787. task
788. provision793. behavior796. function
798. resource799. defense800. garden
801. floor802. technology803. style
804. feeling805. science807. doubt
808. horse810. answer816. user
817. fund818. character819. risk
823. dog826. army829. station
830. glass831. cup833. husband
839. capital841. note842. season
843. argument845. show846. responsibility
848. deal850. economy851. element
853. duty857. attempt858. leg
859. investment864. brother869. title
870. hotel871. aspect872. increase
873. help876. summer879. daughter
883. baby887. sea888. skill
889. claim892. concern893. university
897. discussion899. customer900. box
903. conference904. whole906. profit
907. division909. procedure911. king
913. image914. oil918. circumstance
920. proposal922. client923. sector
924. direction930. instance931. sign
937. measure938. attitude940. disease
943. commission946. seat947. president
949. addition950. goal954. affair
955. technique956. respect961. item
964. version966. ability968. good
969. campaign971. advice972. institution
975. surface976. library977. pupil
981. advantage984. memory985. culture
986. blood988. majority990. variety
991. press993. bill994. competition
996. general997. access999. stone
3. of6. in10. to
11. for16. o­n17. with
19. at20. by24. from
48. as61. into69. about
91. like105. between111. after
117. through123. over167. under
169. against185. before204. without
207. within210. during346. towards
425. off431. upon443. including
450. among461. around474. across
498. behind615. up627. along
646. according660. since706. despite
718. per724. near786. above
861. throughout901. outside945. beyond
951. round
9. it12. I14. you
15. he25. they28. she
32. we42. their47. who
55. them59. him73. me
93. her110. o­ne145. us
180. something277. nothing307. himself
347. anything422. itself424. themselves
558. someone559. everything597. herself
685. other686. anyone762. everyone
783. whom821. myself939. yourself
2. be8. have18. do
34. say40. go44. get
46. make51. see52. know
54. take64. think66. come
76. give90. look92. use
100. find103. want116. tell
125. put129. work130. become
134. mean136. leave143. seem
147. need148. feel152. may
154. ask163. show174. try
175. call189. keep195. provide
197. hold203. follow205. turn
211. bring214. begin221. like
223. write228. start229. run
232. set233. help245. play
249. move257. pay258. hear
267. meet272. include273. believe
279. allow284. lead285. stand
289. live295. happen302. carry
310. talk317. sit319. appear
320. continue330. let332. produce
341. involve343. require344. suggest
349. consider350. read351. change
355. offer362. lose363. add
365. expect374. remember381. remain
387. tall388. speak392. open
394. buy401. stop404. send
406. decide408. win409. understand
411. develop414. receive417. return
418. build419. spend427. describe
428. agree430. increase432. learn
445. reach447. lie463. walk
464. die472. draw473. hope
482. create494. sell500. report
501. pass507. accept512. cause
518. watch532. break534. support
537. explain538. stay540. wait
546. cover547. apply549. raise
554. claim555. form556. base
563. cut564. grow585. contain
592. bear594. join595. reduce
596. establish599. face608. choose
609. wish611. achieve618. drive
619. deal620. place624. seek
632. fail645. serve647. end
650. occur653. kill654. act
658. plan662. eat664. close
665. represent666. love678. rise
683. prepare688. manage690. discuss
691. prove701. catch703. pick
709. enjoy711. suppose714. wear
728. argue731. introduce733. enter
735. arrive736. ensure743. pull
747. refer752. thank756. present
766. control789. affect795. point
797. identify806. relate809. force
811. compare812. suffer815. announce
824. obtain827. indicate828. forget
835. publish838. visit844. listen
852. finish854. fight855. train
856. maintain860. save862. design
865. improve866. avoid867. wonder
868. tend875. express877. determine
880. exist882. share885. smile
890. treat891. remove902. state
908. throw910. tilt912. assume
921. mention925. admit927. replace
935. reflect944. intend948. encourage
952. miss957. drop962. fly
963. reveal967. operate974. discover
978. record979. refuse980. prevent
983. teach987. cost989. answer
992. depend998. hit

How to write Simple English articles

This page describes how to write Simple English articles.


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Think about your readers

First, think about your readers. Many readers of Simple English are people whose mother language is not English. Other readers may be young (they may be children) or have learning difficulties. The language is simple, but the ideas don't have to be. Good luck!

Basic English and Voice Of America Special English

The Simple English Wikipedia follows some of the rules of Basic English, but is not so strict about using o­nly a certain number of words. Simple English is still changing, and does not have o­nly o­ne word list. But the best starting point to writing in Simple English is to learn to write within Basic English and E Prime. This helps you know how to write with a limited vocabulary. Good Luck.

Start with Basic English (BE) 850. Let us say that your readers know the BE 850 words. If your writing sounds strange, or is not clear, use a less common word. The less common word may be in BE 1500 or Voice Of America (VOA) Special English.


Full English "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat" in Basic English is "blood, hard work, drops from eyes, and body water"

  • "Blood" is a BE 850 word.
  • "Hard work" is good for a person who hears with an English mother language. But a learner could understand the word "hard" as "solid" or "difficult to understand". Perhaps "much work" is better.
  • "Drops from eyes" sounds strange to a person who hears with an English mother language. "Tears" is a BE 1500 word and you can use it.
  • "Body water" sounds strange to a person who hears with an English mother language. "Sweat" and "perspiration" both sound good. "Sweat" is a more common word and you can use it after linking to Sweat and creating at least a short description there.

Another way is to write "blood, toil, tears, and sweat" then write a sentence to tell learners what it means: (Tears fall from our eyes when we are sad; sweat is water which comes from our body when we are hot or doing much work.)

Or, in place of word-for-word, write a good sentence to say the same idea as Winston Churchill would have said in Basic : "All I can give is my body, my work, my love, and my life."


  1. Write your words normally, as you would speak to another person.
  2. Look for your words in the word lists. Try to use the simplest word list:
    1. In Basic English BE 850 (pictures)
    2. In Basic English BE 1500.
    3. In VOA Special English Word Book.
    4. If a word is a name, idiomatic (the meaning of the words is not clear from the roots), or jargon (special words which experts use), then it should be described in more detail. Linking to an article about the word can also help.
      Stephen Hawking is a cosmologist--someone who studies the structure of the universe (stars and space).
    5. Not all words are encyclopedic. To link to the dictionary definition of a word rather than an encyclopedic article, link to the Simple English Wiktionary using [[:wikt:this]] (put your word in place of "this") to link to this. For a more complex definition, you may also link to the English Wiktionary like this: [[:en:wikt:this]].
  3. Change to active voice. Example: change from "The bird was eaten by the cat." to "The cat ate the bird."
  4. Look for a Basic English verb in past, present or future o­nly.
  5. For writing special to science or trade, do as asked by the process of AECMA Simplified English (see external link below for International Aerospace Maintenance Language).
  6. After finishing the article, check to have at least o­ne link (to another article in Simple Wikipedia) and o­ne Interwiki link (to another language version of Wikipedia). The first is so the article is not a dead-end article, and the second is so that robots can fill in all the missing links to other language versions.

What not to do

Do not...

  • Use bad grammar and bad spelling.
  • Use bad English: This is Simple English, not Bad English.
  • Use idioms (words or phrases that mean something other than what they say)
  • Use words you're not sure about without using a dictionary.
  • Write articles so short that they offer no useful information.
  • Write in the second person. Good encyclopedia articles are never addressed to "you". Do not make statements about "you".
  • Put links in titles (or other elements that structure the article). Try to keep the navigation and the structure of an article separate.

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