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Tin tức - Sự kiện 28.09.2023 16:44
Covid-19 là vũ khí sinh học của Trung Quốc tấn công thế giới nhưng tất cả đã bị TQ ,ua chuộc nên không dám tố cáo
06.08.2022 10:03

Theo các nguồn tin đáng tin cây thì Corona Virus chính là vũ khí sinh học của TQ trong mục tiêu tấn công Mỹ và nhân loai. Những cựu quan chức Mỹ từng phụ trách điều tra về dịch bệnh cho rằng virus gây Covid-19 là vũ khí sinh học của Trung Quốc bị rò rỉ.

Cựu quan chức Mỹ từng phụ trách điều tra về dịch bệnh cho rằng virus gây Covid-19 là vũ khí sinh học của Trung Quốc bị rò rỉ.

Viện Virus học Vũ Hán tại TP. Vũ Hán, tỉnh Hồ Bắc, Trung Quốc /// Reuters
Viện Virus học Vũ Hán tại TP. Vũ Hán, tỉnh Hồ Bắc, Trung Quốc

Đài Fox News ngày 13.3 dẫn lời một cựu quan chức cấp cao Mỹ cho rằng ông không chỉ tin vào nghi vấn virus gây Covid-19 xuất phát từ Viện Virus học Vũ Hán, mà còn cho rằng đó có thể là kết quả nghiên cứu vũ khí sinh học của quân đội Trung Quốc.

Phát biểu được đưa ra bởi ông David Asher, cựu quan chức Bộ Ngoại giao Mỹ từng dẫn đầu nhóm điều tra nguồn gốc Covid-19 và hiện là chuyên gia cấp cao tại Viện Hudson (Mỹ).

Viện Virus học Vũ Hán không phải là viện y tế quốc gia. Nó vận hành một chương trình bí mật. Theo quan điểm của tôi, đó là chương trình vũ khí sinh học”, ông trả lời phỏng vấn trên Đài Fox News.

COVID-19 Was CCP ‘Biological Warfare,’ New Research Group Says

By Jackson Elliott
August 5, 2022 Updated: August 6, 2022

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used COVID-19 for biological warfare, according to a new report by nine experts with the Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Generals, medical experts, and foreign policy experts including former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin contributed to the report, which is available in book form o­n Amazon.

The report, titled “The CCP is at War with America,” stated that there is no evidence COVID-19 was a natural virus, arguing that there is significant evidence it came from a CCP lab. It also stated that the CCP deliberately allowed the virus to spread worldwide by allowing international flights while locking down movement within China.

The CSP describes the report as an “exercise in competitive analysis that strongly challenges the Director of National Intelligence’s September 2021 conclusion.”

The Plague War

U.S. intelligence experts in 2021 concluded that they might never know for certain where COVID-19 came from. But the CSP put the blame squarely o­n the Chinese communist regime.

“The preponderance of evidence indicates that SARS-CoV-2 was lab-manufactured,” the report stated. “In any event, Beijing acted with murderous intent in spreading the disease beyond China’s borders.”

As proof of these claims, the report pointed to genetic features of COVID-19 not found in natural viruses. It noted that China’s military has a biological warfare program.

Finally, it highlighted that the Chinese regime restricted internal travel to stop the spread of COVID-19 but kept its international borders open. At the same time, it bought up global supplies of personal protective gear.

Even if the original release of the virus was an accident, its worldwide spread was intentional, the report stated. The likely motive was to ensure that the rest of the world would be set back economically by the virus to the same degree China would be.

Epoch Times Photo
The cover of The CCP is at War with America report o­n Amazon. Screenshot taken Aug. 5, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

“Xi’s regime clearly saw the imperative need to ensure that it would not suffer economic privation alone, to the advantage of its enemies, especially the United States,” the report read. “Actively spreading the virus was, thus, a means of waging economic warfare, and the Chinese Communists applied themselves to doing so with a vengeance.”

According to the report, the CCP worked to spread its COVID-19 quarantine policies around the world so it could weather the pandemic at an advantage. The damage COVID-19 measures did to America’s economy put the CCP ahead.

“A principal beneficiary of such economic trauma would be the Chinese Communist Party,” the report read.

Weapons of Choice

The report also stated that the Chinese regime has a history of biological warfare. In the early 1990s, Chinese general Chi Haotian told China’s biological weapons program that it should depopulate America so China could take it over, according to the report. But China kept these plans secret.

“Right now, it is not the time to openly break with [America],” the general said. “Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely o­n their capital and technology.”

Biological weapons could be China’s road to world domination, the report stated. Chinese military journals have openly published articles about genetically-targeted biological warfare. China has collected genetic profiles of foreigners while keeping a close guard o­n the genetic profiles of Chinese people, it added.

“If Chinese scientists succeed in designing pathogens targeting o­nly foreigners, the next germ, virus, or microbe from China could end non-Chinese societies,” the report stated.

“Xi will be the first supremo to possess a weapon making worldwide Chinese rule possible,” it read.

The report suggested that COVID-19 fatalities outside China should be considered “murder victims.”

The paper offered several conclusions. These include that the CCP and any who colluded with it must be held accountable for the pandemic’s results; the government shouldn’t impose vaccine mandates o­n the vulnerable; the United States should develop deterrents against Chinese bioweapons; and future medical health measures shouldn’t follow Chinese totalitarian lockdown advice.

“We must never again allow our constitutional freedoms to be denied o­n the pretext of a public health emergency, especially at the insistence of foreign powers, let alone our mortal enemy,” the report stated.

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Jackson Elliott 
Jackson Elliott reports o­n small-town America for The Epoch Times. He learned to write and seek truth at Northwestern University. He believes that the most important actions are small and that as Dostoevsky says, everyone is responsible for everyone and for everything. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys running, reading, and spending time with friends

(Theo )

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